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Novalac AR infant formula is specially designed to help prevent regurgitations. Regurgitation is a common problem for formula-fed babies that can cause your baby discomfort and may interfere with digestion.


Novalac AR contains a customized form of corn-starch that makes it easy for your baby to drink, but thickens when it reaches your baby's stomach.


This thickening helps to prevent regurgitations.

Novalac AR is easily digestible and is suitable for use as an alternative to standard formula in babies from birth to 12 months.

Product Description

Formulated for babies with regurgitation.
Reduce acid reflux in stomach.
Nutritionally complete, easy to digest.
It contains corn starch which is easy to drink but thickens when reach the stomach so it will prevent vomit.
Formula is easily digestible and can be used to feed babies from 0 to 12 months.


• Protect cells from free radical damage.

• Enhance immune response.

• Support mental and visual development.

• Provide well-balanced nutrition
to support optimal growth.

• Natural vanilla flavour without added sucrose.


Novarice is a special formula based on rice proteins that is nutritionally complete and suitable for infants who are suffering from food allergies like cow's milk protein or soya.


Novarice also suits infants with lactose intolerance or any protein malabsorption.


Novarice covers all the nutritional needs of infants from birth onwards. After 6 months old Novarice will be part of your infant’s diversified diet in accordance with your doctor's advice.