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FAST & LONG LASTING ALLERGY RELIEF - A unique combination of 2% xylitol and purified isotonic seawater 4 IN 1 NASAL SPRAY - Helps to smooth,moisturise ,cleanse and protect nasal membrane. DEEP PENETRATION -Deliver accurate and gentle nasal mist . BENEFIT: - Prevent bacteria and other pollutants from sticking to nasal tissues - Relieve nasal congestion ,allergies,dryness,irritation from occupational dust ,fumes , animal dander, pollen and smoke - Help prevent respiratory tract infections for people with rhinitis and sinusitis


Good Bye Fever patch provides instant cooling effect to soothe fever and heat. It is ready to use when your baby or children needs to reduce his/her body temperature or fever symptoms. It gently adheres to the skin and not easily displaced even if the baby or children moves or turns around. The size of the cooling patch fits perfectly on your baby’s and child’s forehead and provide long lasting cooling effect up to 8 hours relieve. Good Bye Fever hassle-free and user friendly packing keeps all your cooling patch fresh with a convenient individual packing.