Some natural deodorants you can find at pharmacy in Malaysia

Bathroom is place where you relax by cleaning your body after a hard working day. But you can feel less than pleasant from day to day because of disagreeable odors coming from your restrooms. It is a very big problem, but don’t worry. We will provide you natural deodorants which can find easily at any pharmacy in Malaysia. Discovery our high quality and trusted brand name products with wholesale pricing.
As you may know, Bathroom Deodorant products are specifically designed for restroom environments that help control odors to bring fresh air. You can use our bathroom deodorants in your home, office buildings, hospitals, schools or restaurants, public buildings and more. Here below are our quality bathroom odor control products.
The first is Aerosols and Sprays. You can find many different brands of Aerosols and Sprays. They are great selection for residential areas with lowest prices on air fresheners. The main features of the products are to fresh drop bathroom odor preventor powerful, creates a deodorizing layer in your bathroom with fragrance of fruits such as apple, lemon, orange or flowers as rose and customized scents.
The seconds is rim hangers to metered air fresheners. They are more suitable for high traffic areas, public bathrooms and restrooms. The Virtual Janitor helps automatically eliminate odors out of your hands.
Come to pharmacy in Malaysia for advice about other bathroom deodorants like Urinal Mats to Cherry Blocks, Mint Absorbent


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    Application : (a) Eliminating Bad Body Ordour.  (b) Treating Minor Cuts, Wounds, Skin Ailments, such as rashes, swellings, athlete foot and Insect bites, etc. (a) For Bad Ordour, etc:  Just spray directly to the underarms, feet shoes and socks. (b) For Minor Cuts & Wounds, e..
    Application : (a) Eliminating...
    Ex Tax: RM25.50 RM27.03
  • Dr. Mist Spray 75ml
    A Unique Product DR. mist fluid spray does not contain any fragrance, artificial colorings, cream, oil or alcohol. It embraces an environmental-friendly and hygienic concept process, unlike conventional products contains, such as: Unlike conventional products which may contain Oil or cre..
    A Unique Product DR. mist flu...
    Ex Tax: RM13.50 RM14.31
  • Sebamed Deodorant Roll On Active 50ml
    Prevents body odour without impairing the natural function of the sweat glands   Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle With the pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin Without preservatives and colour additives Product features: W..
    Prevents body odour without impa...
    Ex Tax: RM18.30 RM19.40
  • Simple Roll On Deodorant 50ml
    Simple Skin Kind Roll On Deodorant is a quick drying anti-perspirant with no perfume and no colour for sensitive skin. Pack Size :50ML ..
    Simple Skin Kind Roll On Deodora...
    Ex Tax: RM9.90 RM10.49