For Him

How many of you take into consideration what shampoo and conditioner your man spends at home? Over the last few years, a large number of gents have began investing more on skincare, bodycare and even hair styling goods, but the majority of men still continue to spend their partner’s shampoo or simply purchase whatever is on offer at the supermarket, according to caring pharmacy Malaysia.

The Difference Between Salon and Supermarket Shampoos
The quality of the shampoo is an area I sometimes ensure my customers understand. It is like anything you purchase: you can invest as much or as little as you desire but, in general, the more you use, the higher the quality of shampoos.
A salon shampoo is a lot more probably be of better quality and will have been created with higher quality compositions. It will be lots more concentrated, which means it will last longer as you need to spend less of it each time you shampoo your hair (essentially bringing you with better value for money). Moreover, supermarket shampoos have a much higher proportion of water and sulphates, and less of the good stuff: vitamins, minerals and oils.
The reason supermarket shampoos are not costly is since they are not made by dedicated cosmetics manufacturers – they are instead manufactured by multi-faceted manufacturers who produce a wide range of home care products, and in vast quantities. It is similar to comparing mass-produced high street shoes to a pair of Loakes


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