Mother & Baby

Are you a new mommy or pregnant? Are you planning to buy baby care products but aren’t sure about the best brands available in the mart today? Check out this article to know all the baby care brands and select the best one for your precious baby.
1. Pampers
The Pampers diapers are the brainchild of American chemical engineer. In the 1970s, Pampers recommended diapers with adhesive belts. It came up with thin diapers that had an absorbent gel material. They recommended diapers that come with a conservative layer of lotion to keep your own baby’s bottom soft and smooth.
Their diaper range contains Pampers Diapers, Pampers Active Baby Diapers, Pampers Baby Dry Diapers and Pampers New Baby Diapers. This’s one of the most famous among the many baby care products brands.
2. Mee Mee
Mee Mee is a favored brand in baby care products these days. Their bath-time range contains baby towels, napkins, baby bathtub, potty trainer seat, shampoo hat, bath sponge, bubble bath and bathrobe. Their bedtime range includes blankets, bed sets, carry nest, pillows, mats, mosquito nets, quilts and shawls.
Their baby care range contains cream, lotion, oil, shampoo, brush and comb sets, diapers, cotton buds, finger toothbrush, height chart, knee pads, and laundry detergent. It also offers liquid nappy liners, nail clippers, cleansers, medicine dispensers, toothpaste and more.
They have a complete nursing and feeding range, and they also can go to pharmacy in Malaysia for advice