The lazy and sedentary lifestyle has caused many diseases that affect considerably to people’s health today. Diabetes is currently leading and has tendency more and more rapid growth in developing and big nations in the world, including Malaysia. The products for diabetics nowadays have many kinds that also make consumers not to know which item is good for them.

Alive caring pharmacy is one of the most common online address provides quality and secure products for patients facing with this disease to balance their reasonable diet. Selecting a good and appropriate products is an important step in treating and living with the diabetes, so online Alive pharmacy always meet and satisfy all demands of patients with the best product lines.

Coming to online caring pharmacy, we will be able know in details many products displayed price and clear ingredients, which support diabetics to compare and give their decision for the most suitable products for themselves. Clients will not be worried about the fake items with so expensive price anymore, now they can look at images of products they intend to buy as well as its functions within some click without moving to certain pharmacy or store to find out. It is really convenient!

Delivering and method of payment will take place just for a short time and absolutely simple. You can access to website of Alive pharmacy and begin looking around to get an item and present to your friends or relative suffering from diabetes. Now hurry up to discover the best foods to live with diabetes without worrying about anything at caring pharmacy. 

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    Appeton Wellness 60+ D iabetic is the first and only complete, balanced nutritional food, specially formulated for seniors 60+ who are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. It is also suitable for those with diabetic complications such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetic nephropath..
    Appeton Wellness 60+ D iabeti...
    Ex Tax: RM58.40 RM61.90
    Equal Sachets are a great alternative for sweetening your tea or coffee. You can also sprinkle it on fruit or your cereal in the morning! 1 Equal Pillow Sachet (4 Cal) = 2 level teaspoons of sugar (32 Cal) Pack Size : 50' S ..
    Equal Sachets are a great altern...
    Ex Tax: RM10.90 RM11.55
    ALIVE PHARMACY does NOT accept refunds, returns, or exchanges for the purpose of quality control and hygiene. ALIVE PHARMACY shall use its best efforts to ensure that Orders are correctly fulfilled. Should there be any discrepancy of Products delivered and the Customer wishes for return and refund,..
    ALIVE PHARMACY does NOT accept r...
    Ex Tax: RM18.90 RM20.03
    Introducing new Equal Stevia sticks, made using extracts of the naturally sourced Stevia plant to create a delicious low calorie sweetener that’s perfect to replace sugar in all your favorite sweet coffee & tea. One stick provides the sweetness of one level teaspoon of sugar, but contains 98% le..
    Introducing new Equal Stevia sti...
    Ex Tax: RM14.80 RM15.69
    Equal Stevia is the great sweet taste of Equal which can now be enjoyed with the natural sweetener, Stevia. Grown in South America and parts of Asia, Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years. Equal Stevia tablets are ideal for naturally sweetening your coffee or tea, without..
    Equal Stevia is the great sweet ...
    Ex Tax: RM24.60 RM26.08
  • EQUAL TAB 500'S FOC TAB 100'S
    Equal Tablets are perfect for sweetening your coffee or tea, whether you’re at home or out and about. The small dispenser makes Equal Tablets easy to pop into your bag or to have at your desk. 1 Equal Tablet (0.3 kcal) = 1 level teaspoon sugar (16 kcal) Pack Size : 500’S+100’S ..
    Equal Tablets are perfect for sw...
    Ex Tax: RM33.90 RM35.93