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Anyone also want to get a fit shape to create impression to the opposite and feel more confident when hang out with friends or partake in certain events or parties. However, with today rush life, the obesity is becoming one of hot topics and the number of overweight people is more and more increasing. That is caused due to the unreasonable diet and sedentary life.

To resolve the overweight situation, besides doing exercises regularly, you are also possible to look for slimming and detox products on Alive caring pharmacy malaysia to improve body shape and lose weight more effectively. These products will support you get back a perfect body and flush out the toxins inside the body to increase your resistance. It will be a great combination between these products for losing weight and being hard to do exercises every day.

For slimming products, Alive provides kinds of medicine under tablet or powder form to reduce your appetite and burn fat rapidly, but they still ensure fully the essential nutrition for your daily activities. It is absolutely for you to make reference the detail functions of each product and their uses before deciding whether you buy or not.

In addition, the product line to eliminate toxins out of the body is also displayed at Alive caring pharmacy Malaysia. With the natural ingredients, they always guarantee health security and abolish toxins from foods you eat daily or impacts from life environment to cleanse and regulate your body.

Right now, if you want to possess the best slimming and detox products as well as a perfect body shape and strong health, visit online shop to select freely and order an item you like most on the website of caring pharmacy Malaysia. 

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    D'AGE™ Slender U Slender U - Waist & Hip Sculpting Expert Description •       Fastest Fat Burner •       100% Natural and approved by US FDA •       Natural Appetite Suppressant •     &n..
    D'AGE™ Slender U Slender U - ...
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    Nice Go - Vegetable with High Fibre Drink : Per box 25 sachets Marketed & Distributed by JENKANGS SDN BHD & Halal certified. Nice Go is not a medicine but a natural health product made from a variety of fruits, vegetables, psyllium husk, oligosaccharide and spirulina. By consuming ever..
    Nice Go - Vegetable with High Fi...
    Ex Tax: RM54.00 RM60.42RM57.24
  • NH DETOX CLENX TEA 2x20'S + 10'S
    Flush Out Your Body Toxins Natural Clenx Tea™ is a high quality detox slimming tea made from 100% natural organic green tea and herbs, with no laxatives, no added sugar and no side effects. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and is safe for consumption. It is certified H..
    Flush Out Your Body Toxins ...
    Ex Tax: RM50.75 RM61.06RM53.80
  • TC PLUS 60'SX3
    If your goal is to thin your waist line and have a nice flat stomach, the first thing you need to do is to decrease / eliminate the layers of fat that are on top of your abdomen. We all have a flat stomach; it's just some of it is covered by excess fat. When we consume food an..
    If your goal is...
    Ex Tax: RM134.00 RM178.08RM142.04
    Traditionally S Body is meant for relieving accumulated internal heat, purgation and holistic weight loss. It offers an easy, healthy and safe slimming approach. Total Image S Body is targeted to fight stubborn fats spots on our body which we really want to get rid of, like the unsightly double chin..
    Traditionally S Body is meant fo...
    Ex Tax: RM105.00 RM111.30